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Looking For An All Natural Drain Cleaner?

Are You Looking for An All Natural Drain Cleaner? Most drains normally get clogged from time to time. You will realize that these drains usually get clogged with either grunge, food particles, waste matter and so on. This can be detrimental. These wastes can interfere with the smooth flow of dirty water in your home. […]

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DANGER: Drain Cleaner Poisoning

In 2016, one of the news headlines highlighted a story where a young boy died after drinking drain cleaner thinking it was water. Another notable case is that of the death of a man and the hospitalization of both his family and the first responders on the scene. These incidents are quite common with over […]


The Dangers of Drano

Most households experience the frustration of a clog or slow draining sink. The first product many people grab is a can of Drano. However, this simple “fix” can cause more problems than it solves. In fact, you shouldn’t even bring this dangerous product into your home. Why is Drano Dangerous? There are two main types […]

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Drano + Septic Systems = Don’t Mix!

Why Using Drano on Your Septic Tank Might Be Unsafe Homeowners usually use different chemicals to clear clogged toilets and sink systems. But for those who have septic tanks at home, there are concerns on whether or not certain methods of unclogging can interfere with the bacteria. While a larger percentage of septic tank owners […]

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Tips For Septic Tank Maintenance

Did you know that there over 60 million people in the U.S. that use a septic tank systems for their drainage system (that’s 1 in 5 of us!). The biter truth is that the problems of having these drainage septic tank is almost doubling every single day. So its a good idea to keep them maintained properly to avoid […]

Things To Keep Out Of Your Toilet

Dont Flush These Items Down The Toilet We all make mistakes. For some us, we try to hide those mistakes by flushing it down your toilet, but that can result in serious clogging. Here is a list of things however, you should think twice about flushing down the toilet. A side note, BlueBio Drain Cleaner […]