Dont Flush These Items Down The Toilet

We all make mistakes. For some us, we try to hide those mistakes by flushing it down your toilet, but that can result in serious clogging. Here is a list of things however, you should think twice about flushing down the toilet. A side note, BlueBio Drain Cleaner is a very powerful and effective drain cleaner, but it’s not a great solution for the following toilet clogs;


They may think that Batman is gone off to battle villains in another dimension, but you know it’s stuck in the drain and you want to get it out. You can either train your kids not to flush stuff down the toilet or keep the cover closed whenever you can

An entire roll of toilet paper

Even if you’re tempted to try it, DON’T! Flushing the entire roll of toilet paper down the toilet will only get you clog, a free flowing drain is not worth the risk of finding out whether it’s possible or not.


After emptying the diaper of its “contents,” dispose of it in a diaper bin. Flushing the entire thing down the toilet is definitely not a good idea.

Feminine Products

There are some items that we think are okay to flush, but in truth they probably aren’t. A tip if it is designed to be super absorbent, then don’t put it in your toilet.

Wipes and Towels

Flushers beware, because though many brands label their products as being flushable, cities around the world have experienced major clogs caused by flushing certain wipes and paper towels. To be on the safe side, it is best if you just throw these in the bin.


Medicine can be very dangerous when it gets into our water supply, and can be a major threat to our wildlife. To safely dispose of medicine, store them in a childproof container, and throw them away when trash day comes.


Hair can actually create big blockages in your drain. This is because hair can act as a net, catching other waste as it goes down. If you cut your own hair, try simple gathering the strands altogether and throwing it in a bin.


When you pour paint down the drain, you actually run the risk of potentially contaminating the local water supply. Instead you should try giving your cans to hazardous waste facilities or you can look for participating stores in and around your community who recycle paint.


You really risk having a clog by flushing condoms, rubber gloves and other similar items down your toilet as they are not designed to be broken down.


So there you have it. Follow these nine tips, and your drains will likely be clog free for a good while to come.