Even if you don’t experience regular clogs in bathrooms and kitchen drains, a good drain cleaner used monthly can maintain the integrity of pipes and reduce any odors being caused by rotting material. Using a green drain cleaner such as the one being used in this article as an example, is safe for your pets, children, and family to be near and protects your pipes from chemical corrosion. You’re also making a responsible choice for the environment, and supporting more ethical, responsible companies so that they can continue to pioneer better products for our future. Check out the reasons to go drain cleaner green below.


The most important reason to go greener with your drain cleaner is because traditional drain cleaners can contain a lot of toxic ingredients that can harm pets, children, and other residents. Not only this, but the chemicals we’ve been putting down drains for years is very harmful to the pipes, corroding them away over time and then releasing the chemicals outside the home can harm the environment as well. Bluebio Drain Cleaner does not contain lye, poison, perfume, solvents or harmful chemicals. Instead, it’s made of hungry live cultures that feed on the material that causes drain blockage. It’s safe for clogs, regular maintenance, garbage disposals, and RV tanks. The only thing that may hinder its full potential is a large amount of hair, which should first be minimized with a drain snake, wire hanger, or professional.

Lasts 4 Months

Using 2 ounces of product per month per drain for maintenance will make your bottle of Bluebio Drain Cleaner last as long as 4 months. If you want to do the calculation yourself, the bottle of Bluebio is 64 ounces and 2 ounces is suggested to be put down each drain in the home monthly. 4 month use was calculated based on the average home containing 8 drains total. In addition, if the bottle is sealed as it’s supposed to be and kept at room temperature it can last several years.

Acts Fast

The cultures within Bluebio Drain Cleaner are very hungry. Each unit eats its weight every 60 seconds and the cultures themselves double every 30 minutes!

Eliminates Odors and Maintains Clear Drains

The materials that cause odors in garbage disposals and drains are the materials the live cultures inside Bluebio eat quickly, so the stench will disappear as they are eaten. For best results, use Bluebio Drain Cleaner regularly and you won’t have the smells return. As mentioned previously, large amounts of hair in a clog can pose a problem to the process. The product is still a great one to use in showers and hair care facilities. You can first remove as much hair as possible from the drain, allow the product longer to produce results, and use it more regularly to prevent build up in the future.

These suggestions may seem like common sense to some, but not others. The main reason you should have these cheap and effective products implemented in your home is to save you money from having to call your trusty plumber to handle the small drain issues you may be able to alleviate yourself. If you take pride in owning your own home you may want to make the small investment in a set of these easy maintenance tools. You can get all of them for less than 100.00! For renters and everyone else who rely on homeowners for maintenance, think of how connected plumbing really is. What you put down your toilet and garbage disposals not only affect your landlord but animals who share your ecosystem.


Believe it or not, not everyone keeps a plunger or toilet brush in their bathrooms. Some plungers are of better quality than others as well. Buying yourself a quality plunger can be the difference between an embarrassing episode calling your landlord (who owns a plunger) or plumber. Higher quality plungers give more suction and force, allowing you to handle bigger clogs yourself. There are even plungers designed to not splash back toilet water! You can find a variety at your neighborhood hardware store between 3.00 and 30.00.


While at your neighborhood hardware store you can pick up a drain snake or more heavy duty auger. There will be an even wider range of products in this department for residential and commercial use, manual and electric. These products all have one thing in common; a long snake-like tail with ribs or “grabbies” you force down your plumbing to grab any hair or debris that has clogged your pipes. This less commonly owned tool can get the job done if you’re brave enough and for the small investment of 6.00 to 30.00 can save you a visit from your plumber or landlord.


Plastic or metal mesh screens can stop debris from going down your sinks, shower and bathtub drains, preventing clogs and providing you a more pleasant clean up than a snake would provide you after this stuff has made it down there. They are very inexpensive and come in all different kinds of materials, shapes, colors and even scents!

Compost Products

If you have a garbage disposal in your home or apartment, there are some routine maintenance techniques you can employ to keep it from clogging or smelling. It’s common to send ice or vinegar down the disposal to degrease and clean your disposal’s blades, but you can keep your garbage disposal like new by sending less down it and using a compost keeper. For 30.00 to 50.00, you can buy a nice ceramic compost bucket and lid for discarding your fruit and vegetable peels, egg shells, coffee grounds. There are many products to choose from that will meet your needs and address your concerns of the smell, some have built in odor-fighting filters. If taken out daily to your outside compost pile, you can use any bucket and lid you like whether for compost or not. Your plants and garbage disposal will thank you!

Reviewing items that are not to be flushed or put down the drain will also prevent potential clogs from happening. Do not flush items such as any paper product that is not toilet paper including things advertised as flushable or feminine hygiene products and don’t rinse down the drain the stickers off your produce, coffee grounds and grease. The saying goes “when in doubt, throw it out!” suggesting if you question disposing of anything down your pipes to throw it in your garbage instead.