Drain cleaners can come in three different forms: liquid, gel, and powder. Most of the drain cleaners on the market and on shelves use strong chemicals that create heat and break apart the clogged material with corrosion.

Caustic drain cleaners contain elements such as lye and what is known as caustic potash, hence the name. These elements adhere to the clogged substance, and then their hydroxide ions create the heat reaction that corrodes the clog. The heat causes greasy substances to become more soap-like, until it’s dissolved. These drain cleaners have the advantage of being heavier than water and that’s why they are able to penetrate through sitting water.

Oxidizing drain cleaners contain more well-known ingredients such as household bleach, peroxide, and nitrites. These chemicals cause gunk to have its electrons oxidized. It, too, releases heat and gas to clear the clog.

Drain cleaners made of acid aren’t usually found in stores, but instead are sold to professionals, plumbers and commercial cleaners for example. These drain cleaners contain high concentrations of sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid, two ingredients that attract electrons from the clogged material. These chemicals react with the clog, causing heat and melts grease.

It’s no argument that these chemical based drain cleaners are powerful and can kick a clogged drain’s butt. If used as directed, the chemical-based drain cleaners should not cause too much harm or damage to newer pipes found in homes today. The drains of older homes are more at risk of damage, but all homes are at risk of damage if used repeatedly. However, it’s the human application that has alarming threats to the health. If these powerful chemicals are somehow accidentally ingested (often by children), inhaled, or even just make contact with your skin for too long a period. Imagine the way the drain cleaners have just been described to work on a clogged drain, dissolving all that’s in its way with a heat causing chemical reaction. Now imagine inhaling or coming into skin contact with that product.

There are alternatives that really work! BlueBio Drain Cleaner is both a safe and effective alternative to the chemical-based drain cleaners of the past. It uses natural probiotics that feed on the material that’s clogging your pipes. There are a number of applications for BlueBio Drain Cleaner including septic tanks, kitchen drains and even sewerage conduits. You can probably dream of other places to apply the power of BluBio. It loves organic matter and can assist you in the cleaning of any organic caked or clogged space.

Making an effort to use greener products is best for the environment, your family, and your pets. It’s more likely these options will lead to better business and social practices of all cleaning companies going into the future as well. Make a statement and improve your health by considering these 4 favorite green cleaning products.

Make Your Own

For the conscious cleaners who are trying to also be budget friendly or just don’t care to research the cleanest cleaning products, there is always the option to make your own. Baking soda, vinegar, and pure castile soap can go a long way. Some people enjoy making their own cleaning products and even add essential oils they prefer to add a nice aroma. Recipes are spread across the web for soft scrubs, all-purpose cleaner, disinfecting wipes, and even laundry detergent. If you are a do-it-yourself, this option might be for you!

Norwex and Textured Products That Clean

Norwex products are made of various materials and clean mostly with nothing but water. Some people really enjoy the simplicity this option has to offer, but then must take extra care of these products with laundering and preventing mold and bacteria caused by moisture. A common material is microfiber for cleaning, dusting, and polishing, but they have an array of innovative patent protected materials that clean miraculously. The price point of these products are higher than the next two, but are an investment you won’t regret in the long run.

Method and 7th Generation

Method and 7th Generation products are rated highly and one of the most accessible products. Those who already shop for other items at Target, will be glad to know these are some of Target’s staple companies. 7th Generation laundry detergent is a popular choice and Method carries every under-the-sink cleaner you could ever want and awesome scented hand soaps as well.

Mrs. Meyer’s

Mrs. Meyer’s is carried by Bed, Bath, and Beyond, Whole Foods and other more naturally centered grocery stores. Their products are spoken of highly and their prices are comparable to Target’s staple green brands. If you already shop at Whole Foods or a grocery store that carries Mrs. Meyer’s, this product will be convenient for you to pick up regularly.

Unless you can blame your children for putting non-flushable items down the toilet, overflowing can be so embarrassing. Imagine how bad you’d feel if it were to happen to you at someone else’s home! Here is what you need to know to handle this situation with as much dignity as possible.

Why Has This Happened?

You’re probably asking the man upstairs “Why?! Why did this happen to me?!”, but instead need to know why your toilet overflowed in the first place. The main culprit is a blockage somewhere in the pipes, either from build up of some kind or having something flushed that shouldn’t have been. This probably can be fixed easily with a toilet plunger with a lot of suction. If this relieves the problem and makes the water go down as it should, you have your perpetrator. If this is not effective or the water is slow to drain, you might have a defect in the plumbing or flow managing mechanism and need to call a plumber. If you think this may be your problem, duct tape your toilet shut with a sign to prevent further damage.

How To Clean It Up

  1. After you’ve “fixed” the toilet, if even temporarily, you will want to remove any large debris from the floor. Human waste and toilet paper can be re-flushed a little amount at a time and any items damaged by contact can be thrown in the garbage or bucket for sanitation.

  1. The excess water needs to be drained from the area. This can be done manually using towels or if flooded enough, might require a pump of some kind.

  1. Sanitizing the cupboards, floor, bathtub wall, base of toilet and any other point of contact can be done with clean, warm or hot water and a little bit of low sud detergent. Bleach is also an option for sanitation for the surfaces, as well as the items that you may have put aside for washing. Please look up proper recommendations, read your bleaching product’s label, and be sure to know which surfaces will benefit or be damaged by the use of bleach before using.

Knowing what to do in this situation will make it easier for the owner, their guest or children, and any plumber that may need to come and assess the situation. Share this article with a home or business owner you care about today and save them the stress as well.

These suggestions may seem like common sense to some, but not others. The main reason you should have these cheap and effective products implemented in your home is to save you money from having to call your trusty plumber to handle the small drain issues you may be able to alleviate yourself. If you take pride in owning your own home you may want to make the small investment in a set of these easy maintenance tools. You can get all of them for less than 100.00! For renters and everyone else who rely on homeowners for maintenance, think of how connected plumbing really is. What you put down your toilet and garbage disposals not only affect your landlord but animals who share your ecosystem.


Believe it or not, not everyone keeps a plunger or toilet brush in their bathrooms. Some plungers are of better quality than others as well. Buying yourself a quality plunger can be the difference between an embarrassing episode calling your landlord (who owns a plunger) or plumber. Higher quality plungers give more suction and force, allowing you to handle bigger clogs yourself. There are even plungers designed to not splash back toilet water! You can find a variety at your neighborhood hardware store between 3.00 and 30.00.


While at your neighborhood hardware store you can pick up a drain snake or more heavy duty auger. There will be an even wider range of products in this department for residential and commercial use, manual and electric. These products all have one thing in common; a long snake-like tail with ribs or “grabbies” you force down your plumbing to grab any hair or debris that has clogged your pipes. This less commonly owned tool can get the job done if you’re brave enough and for the small investment of 6.00 to 30.00 can save you a visit from your plumber or landlord.


Plastic or metal mesh screens can stop debris from going down your sinks, shower and bathtub drains, preventing clogs and providing you a more pleasant clean up than a snake would provide you after this stuff has made it down there. They are very inexpensive and come in all different kinds of materials, shapes, colors and even scents!

Compost Products

If you have a garbage disposal in your home or apartment, there are some routine maintenance techniques you can employ to keep it from clogging or smelling. It’s common to send ice or vinegar down the disposal to degrease and clean your disposal’s blades, but you can keep your garbage disposal like new by sending less down it and using a compost keeper. For 30.00 to 50.00, you can buy a nice ceramic compost bucket and lid for discarding your fruit and vegetable peels, egg shells, coffee grounds. There are many products to choose from that will meet your needs and address your concerns of the smell, some have built in odor-fighting filters. If taken out daily to your outside compost pile, you can use any bucket and lid you like whether for compost or not. Your plants and garbage disposal will thank you!

Reviewing items that are not to be flushed or put down the drain will also prevent potential clogs from happening. Do not flush items such as any paper product that is not toilet paper including things advertised as flushable or feminine hygiene products and don’t rinse down the drain the stickers off your produce, coffee grounds and grease. The saying goes “when in doubt, throw it out!” suggesting if you question disposing of anything down your pipes to throw it in your garbage instead.

In 2016, one of the news headlines highlighted a story where a young boy died after drinking drain cleaner thinking it was water. Another notable case is that of the death of a man and the hospitalization of both his family and the first responders on the scene. These incidents are quite common with over 2000 reported drain cleaner poisoning cases being reported in 2016.

What makes drain cleaners dangerous?

Whenever crystal chemical drain cleaners are used, they make the pipes hot leading to the release of gas that is toxic to humans and pets. On the other hand, acid cleaners corrode anything they touch.

When mixed with bleach and other household cleaning agents the result is the release of deadly amounts of chlorine gas. Concentrated caustic soda or sodium hydroxide can corrode body tissues in either liquid or vapor form.

Common drain cleaner poisoning symptoms

In cases of ingestion of the drain cleaner, the most common symptom is a severe burn down the throat as well as chemical induced ulcers in the stomach. This normally results in acute abdominal pain, vomiting blood and tissue damage.

When in the form of fumes, drain cleaner poisoning causes burns to the skin and eyes. It can also damage the lungs of parts of the upper respiratory tract. Excessive exposure normally causes chronic chemical pneumonia.

Diagnosis and Treatment

If you suspect that someone has suffered from drain cleaner poisoning, you should either call an ambulance or rush him or her to the closest medical center. Do not give milk or try to induce vomiting because this may further damage the tissues around the stomach and the throat. A medical professional is more suited to pump the stomach to remove the chemical in an environment where the vital signs are being monitored.

In cases of skin exposure, the patient may be transferred to a burn care hospital. There, washing of the skin can be done by professionals. In some cases, surgery may be required. The treatment depends on how fast the patient reaches a medical center and how much poison was swallowed.

Poison Control

In the United States, call 1-800-222-1222 to speak with a local poison control center. This hotline number will let you talk to experts in poisoning. They will give you further instructions.

This is a free and confidential service. All local poison control centers in the United States use this national number. You should call if you have any questions about poisoning or poison prevention. You can call  24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


If you have children, pets or if you just prefer a safer method of cleaning drains, it is better to shift to organic drain cleaners. BlueBio is one of the best organic drain cleaners that uses cultured bacteria to break down clogs instead of harmful chemicals.

Since it is biodegradable, there are no toxic fumes that may cause eye or skin chemical burns. It is very effective against the common causes of clogging like grease, fats and hair. The ECO safe + friendly approval shows that BlueBio should be the drain cleaner of choice for your home. Protect what you are not willing to lose by avoiding drain cleaner poisoning.


Reference: NY Times Health Information

The Holiday seasons are great and opportune times for having family and friends around. Typically, people do share, laugh, eat, and have fun together. But after all is said and done, cleaning up has to be done because of the mess that comes with lots of fun, games, and feasting.

Most people usually dread the cleaning sessions since the mess left behind is usually too much for one to handle. However, this should not bother you since there are ways in which you can set up your home for an early ‟cleanup”.

Below is a holiday preparation guide that will have you host family and friends without minding the mess that will be left behind after all the partying has come to an end.


First and foremost, you must ensure that the bathroom is spotless clean since it’s where your visitors will use for relieving themselves, cleaning, or freshening up. After cleaning, stock it with guest toiletries like toothpaste, toothbrushes, mouthwash, razors, shaving cream and soaps.

Once you are sure you have adequately stocked your bathroom, make a point of checking the functionality of your tub and sink. Make sure that they are sparkling clean, smelling fresh and draining quickly.

If by any chance you have the need of sprucing up your drainage prior to the get-together, you can consider using BlueBio Drain Cleaner. This solution will power through your drainage system and get rid of the entire clog to your amazement.

Apart from helping you clean up quickly after the festivities, having a clean, neat and functioning bathroom will save you a great deal of embarrassment.


Ensure that the bedrooms are clean, tidy and orderly. This can easily be done by having the beds neatly spread and keeping the wardrobes/closets and the entire room clutter free. To cater for the large number of visitors, you are also advised to provide extra storage for their personal effects.

In the case of emergencies and to avoid unnecessary inconveniences, print for your visitors emergency numbers and passwords to your Wi-Fi or any other communal gadget that is password protected.


Apart from the common holiday delicacies that you have prepared for the get-together, ensure that your fridge is well stocked. The food should be able to cater for your guests’ breakfast, lunch, and supper for the period of time that they are going to spend at your place. Because of the frequent dumping of food wastes, you should make a point of refreshing the garbage disposal using the BlueBio Drain Cleaner. Apart from your guests, this solution might be the next great consumer of your grab.