Baby and Child-Proof

If you’re having family over for dinner or overnight during the holiday season, it’s likely that you’ll have some children in your company. The first thing you can do is remove valuables and breakables from common areas. If smaller children under the age of 5 will be over, be sure you fully baby proof with the necessary cupboard locks and outlet plugs. The last thing you need to do is create a space where they are safe to play and fill it with fun things for them to do! Some suggestions are an art kit and large post-it note paper, a trunk full of dress up clothes, a microphone, and any necessary items they can create a show with, and movies acceptable for a wide age-range, a DVD player, TV, and comfy couch or bean bag chairs. Keeping blankets and pillows near is a great idea. Some kids will nap, even the older ones if they are tuckered out.

Capture the Memories

A cool way to entertain both the kids and the adults, is to provide them with disposable cameras to capture the memories of your get-together. Just like a wedding tradition, no one will know all the pictures taken and it will be a fun surprise once they are developed. After the season has passed, it will be a pleasant surprise your guests can receive via email.

Preparing a Guest Room/Space

If you have a guest room, replace the sheets with fresh ones. If you are providing air mattresses, test them beforehand. If at all possible, provide extra blankets and pillows for each guest in case they get cold or uncomfortable. Set out a spare towel for them on the bed, preferably one that’s a different color than your others so they know which is theirs. Have you kept toiletries from hotels before? Now is the time to place them neatly in the bathroom or on the towel on their bed. You can get really creative if you make a guest basket. Some suggestions for filling a guest basket include: travel toothpaste and toiletries, mini-bottles of wine, snack packs such as peanuts and trail mix or fruit, cheap house slippers, a loofah, different sized hand towels rolled neatly, and an eye mask. You can find all these things at your local Dollar Tree. A really cute idea to share your wifi password and any other pertinent instructions is to create a pretty printable on the computer and frame it on the wall of your guest space.

Continental Breakfast/Snack Bar

Inevitably, your guests will be hungry or thirsty during their stay, before and after dinner is served. One of the most uncomfortable things for guests are asking for food or feeling intrusive on your refrigerator, especially in the middle of the night for overnight guests. Preparing a small buffet of snacks and things to drink will give them a huge relief. Some things you might include are granola bars, muffins, cereal, fruit snacks, nuts, bottled water, sports drinks, juice, hot chocolate and apple cider packets. Be sure to provide a few plates and cups, preferably disposable. You can even provide a garbage beside the table. Be sure to let them know that milk and ice are available from the refrigerator and freezer.

Out of Town Guests

For out of town guests, you can provide a list of fun things to do in your town or city. Be sure to include some of the local favorites, as well as the tourist attractions. Some things you may include are favorite coffee shops and restaurants, museums, nature preserves and parks, and any historic or supposedly haunted sites.

Food Safety

One of the main overlooked hazards of Easter is food safety. Dyes are not typically healthy for ingestion so hands should be washed thoroughly before and after dying, eggs should be refrigerated thoroughly before and after dying, and any egg that’s shell is cracked should not be ingested because the dye might penetrate the surface of the egg. Furthermore, candies that are put inside plastic Easter eggs should be considered for those who have food allergies. Candies that do not contain dairy, peanuts, or gluten are among the safest for sensitive children to eat

Choking Hazards

If you choose to use plastic eggs, you’ll want to be sure that the contents are not choking hazards. If your children are older than 5 years old than you probably won’t need to worry about this too much, but if you do have toddlers participating in an Easter egg hunt or are receiving an Easter basket of plastic eggs filled with prizes, the best fillers for them will be toy cars, hair accessories, cereal and animal crackers or foods that easily dissolve.

Game Alternatives

If you’re concerned about hosting an Easter egg hunt outdoors, here are some fun games to consider as alternatives where children can easily be supervised.

Guess How Many Jelly Beans

Fill a jar with jelly beans and decorate a box on the side where children can submit their name and number for guessing how many beans are in the jar. You should know how many beans are in the jar ahead of time to save yourself the headache and be able to announce the winner before your guests leave the party. The closest guess to the actual number of jelly beans can take home the jar or be given another pre-established prize

Easter Egg Spoon Race

One of the most fun ways to play a spoon race is on teams for team building skills, to provide you more winners and less hurt feelings, and provide a good variety of different kinds of games. Split the children into teams of 5-7 players and have them line up behind their team at a starting line you can create with spray paint (on grass) or tape (on floor). At (ready, set) “GO!”, the front runner will carry an egg on a spoon as fast as they are able 15-20 feet away to another line, and back. Here they will pass the spoon to their next teammate. The team whose members all complete the race first wins!

Fun fact: Black Friday is the busiest day of the year for plumbers all across America. What do you suppose is the reason they are called? It’s because of an increase in clogged drains and garbage disposals! These suggestions may be silly and seem common sense, but in our busy lives it’s easy to forget, get lazy, or rely on the technology to be strong enough for what we throw its way. These mistakes can be costly though, so here is a friendly reminder to…

Watch What You Put Down The Disposal:

Mainly Grease and Oil

In both bathrooms and kitchens, grease and oil is most responsible for the build up in drain clogs. Butter and meat fats from Thanksgiving are probably the main reason plumbers are booked every Black Friday. It’s important to pour these fats and oils into aluminum cans and throw them in the trash when they’re full and have hardened. Other things to consider are using cold water when flushing questionable liquids, so they solidify instead of melt and stick to the inner pipe, and running the garbage disposal often, before its full. In bathrooms you can avoid lotioning while you are in the bathtub or using excessively oily products in both the shower and the sink.

Take More Precaution When Hosting

Whether a large family lives under one roof or you host for the holidays, there are a few things to consider to save yourself a visit from your plumber than can cost you between 90.00 and 350.00. You can post reminders in each bathroom to not flush anything other than toilet paper, including anything that’s supposed to be flushable and to wait 15 minutes in between showers to allow the bathtub to completely drain. Having foot petal trashes with lids in the bathroom might relieve any embarrassment your guests might have about putting soiled things in the trash as well. Be sure each bathroom also includes a toilet brush and plunger for this reason too!

Brush Before You Shower

Everyone knows hair accumulates around stoppers and down drains. To reduce the amount of hair that goes down your showers and sinks, you can brush your hair away from them. If you are one who likes to brush in the shower because it’s easier for you, you can apply detangler before you shower and brush it out using a shower comb and dispose of the hair in the trash. This will greatly reduce the amount of hair that makes it down there.

In addition to these good habits, there are liquid and non-liquid products to prevent clogs in drains or help to dissolve them. Do your research on what preventative measures will work best for your home!

The Holiday seasons are great and opportune times for having family and friends around. Typically, people do share, laugh, eat, and have fun together. But after all is said and done, cleaning up has to be done because of the mess that comes with lots of fun, games, and feasting.

Most people usually dread the cleaning sessions since the mess left behind is usually too much for one to handle. However, this should not bother you since there are ways in which you can set up your home for an early ‟cleanup”.

Below is a holiday preparation guide that will have you host family and friends without minding the mess that will be left behind after all the partying has come to an end.


First and foremost, you must ensure that the bathroom is spotless clean since it’s where your visitors will use for relieving themselves, cleaning, or freshening up. After cleaning, stock it with guest toiletries like toothpaste, toothbrushes, mouthwash, razors, shaving cream and soaps.

Once you are sure you have adequately stocked your bathroom, make a point of checking the functionality of your tub and sink. Make sure that they are sparkling clean, smelling fresh and draining quickly.

If by any chance you have the need of sprucing up your drainage prior to the get-together, you can consider using BlueBio Drain Cleaner. This solution will power through your drainage system and get rid of the entire clog to your amazement.

Apart from helping you clean up quickly after the festivities, having a clean, neat and functioning bathroom will save you a great deal of embarrassment.


Ensure that the bedrooms are clean, tidy and orderly. This can easily be done by having the beds neatly spread and keeping the wardrobes/closets and the entire room clutter free. To cater for the large number of visitors, you are also advised to provide extra storage for their personal effects.

In the case of emergencies and to avoid unnecessary inconveniences, print for your visitors emergency numbers and passwords to your Wi-Fi or any other communal gadget that is password protected.


Apart from the common holiday delicacies that you have prepared for the get-together, ensure that your fridge is well stocked. The food should be able to cater for your guests’ breakfast, lunch, and supper for the period of time that they are going to spend at your place. Because of the frequent dumping of food wastes, you should make a point of refreshing the garbage disposal using the BlueBio Drain Cleaner. Apart from your guests, this solution might be the next great consumer of your grab.