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Drano + Septic Systems = Don’t Mix!

Why Using Drano on Your Septic Tank Might Be Unsafe

Homeowners usually use different chemicals to clear clogged toilets and sink systems. But for those who have septic tanks at home, there are concerns on whether or not certain methods of unclogging can interfere with the bacteria. While a larger percentage of septic tank owners are reported to use Drano for clearing clogs, others consider soap, vinegar and chemical decloggers which they claim are less caustic.

How Drano Can Affect Septic Tank Operation

Based on Drano’s labeling and website, the product is safe to be used in the septic tank systems, something that a number of experts disagree. However, environmental engineers say the chemical is not recommended for home septic systems. A typical septic tank system relies on certain bacteria and microorganisms to help in decomposing organic components found in waste water. Use of harsh chemicals like Drano and Liquid PlumR can kill the microorganisms or interfere with the effectiveness of the system.

What Viable Alternative Can be Used To Unclog Septic System?

One of the most recommended alternative products by experts is BlueBio drain cleaner. This all-natural product comes with no harmful chemicals and gases, which makes it safe for use in home septic tanks. It also guarantees clearance of all clogged drainage systems, which ensures clean pipes and unhindered flow.

How BlueBio Drain cleaner works

Unlike other commercial drain cleaning products that use chemicals to unclog pipes, BlueBio consists of cultured bacteria that will clear the clogs naturally. The bacteria work by feeding on the material clogging the system and helps break down all the accumulated solids. Whether the clogging is caused by accumulation of fats, grease, proteins or any other organic material, BlueBio will provide the most effective solution. The product also helps digest the waste in septic tank after which it’s released into the leach fields as water in the ground.

Which Kind Of Drainage System Can BlueBio Be Applied?

In most cases, clogs happen in toilets, bathrooms and kitchen sinks because of the kind of materials exposed to the system. Grease and oil are some of common materials that cause clogging of these systems.

BlueBio drain cleaner is also very effective when dealing with the following:

  • Septic tanks
  • Kitchen drainage
  • Sewerage conduits


Taking certain preventive measures can eliminate the need to unclog the drainage but when clogging happens; BlueBio can be the best solution to go for. The product is not only safe for use at home but it’s also environmentally friendly, works immediately and keeps the drains flowing freely. There’s no premixing required; all you need to do is pour the cleaner and you’re good to go. It eliminates any emergency stoppage calls, something that ensures your drains clean and free from any buildup.

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Tips For Septic Tank Maintenance

Did you know that there over 60 million people in the U.S. that use a septic tank systems for their drainage system (that’s 1 in 5 of us!). The biter truth is that the problems of having these drainage septic tank is almost doubling every single day. So its a good idea to keep them maintained properly to avoid unnecessary problems.

What needs to be done?

Here is the ultimate guide to keeping a septic tank smart and the use of BlueBio Drainage cleaner.

Continuous inspection

Continuously inspecting your septic tank to remove possible solid matter will save you a ton of problems associated with septic tank blockage. Failure to do so will result in clogging and production of an unpleasant stench.

What type of material do you dispose of off to the septic tank?

You have to be extremely careful when it comes deciding what to be flushed down the drains to the septic tank. Some materials such as rubber, polythene papers and some solvents do not decompose off easily, and as such, they will develop layers that will stop the smooth flow of the drains. In case such an incidence has happened, look for a profession for proper disposal guidance.

Can BlueBio help?

This is so far the safest and the best way to clean your septic tank drainage system. BlueBio contains cultured bacteria that will feed on the accumulated organic material clogged on the pipes leaving them clean. However, avoid pouring anti bacteria solvents into the septic tank as these will harm the survival of these bacteria that feed on the clogged materials.

Positioning of the septic tank

Avoid heavy loads or driving on top of your septic tank. Look for a strategic place where to put your septic tank or else you will have collapsing or sinking in even before you think of using it.

Final verdict.

Taking care of your septic tank system is simple if you follow the above-explained guidelines. Take action, put them into practice and make use of BlueBio Drain cleaner