Food Safety

One of the main overlooked hazards of Easter is food safety. Dyes are not typically healthy for ingestion so hands should be washed thoroughly before and after dying, eggs should be refrigerated thoroughly before and after dying, and any egg that’s shell is cracked should not be ingested because the dye might penetrate the surface of the egg. Furthermore, candies that are put inside plastic Easter eggs should be considered for those who have food allergies. Candies that do not contain dairy, peanuts, or gluten are among the safest for sensitive children to eat

Choking Hazards

If you choose to use plastic eggs, you’ll want to be sure that the contents are not choking hazards. If your children are older than 5 years old than you probably won’t need to worry about this too much, but if you do have toddlers participating in an Easter egg hunt or are receiving an Easter basket of plastic eggs filled with prizes, the best fillers for them will be toy cars, hair accessories, cereal and animal crackers or foods that easily dissolve.

Game Alternatives

If you’re concerned about hosting an Easter egg hunt outdoors, here are some fun games to consider as alternatives where children can easily be supervised.

Guess How Many Jelly Beans

Fill a jar with jelly beans and decorate a box on the side where children can submit their name and number for guessing how many beans are in the jar. You should know how many beans are in the jar ahead of time to save yourself the headache and be able to announce the winner before your guests leave the party. The closest guess to the actual number of jelly beans can take home the jar or be given another pre-established prize

Easter Egg Spoon Race

One of the most fun ways to play a spoon race is on teams for team building skills, to provide you more winners and less hurt feelings, and provide a good variety of different kinds of games. Split the children into teams of 5-7 players and have them line up behind their team at a starting line you can create with spray paint (on grass) or tape (on floor). At (ready, set) “GO!”, the front runner will carry an egg on a spoon as fast as they are able 15-20 feet away to another line, and back. Here they will pass the spoon to their next teammate. The team whose members all complete the race first wins!

When something is biodegradable it means it’s capable of decomposing rapidly by the help of microorganisms found in nature, the earth or airborne. Photodegradable items are close relatives and they are capable of decomposing by the help of natural sunlight or even some forms of man-made light. It’s man-made products made of plastic and Styrofoam that harm our environment and take up valuable space and litter natural habitats for animals and humans alike. Biodegradable items include food, cotton, wool, wood, human and animal waste, and products manufactured with natural materials such as natural paper, fibers, and oils. Natural materials such as paper and orange peels take only months for mother nature to dissolve. The harmful man-made products that set us back such as leather shoes and tin cans can take up to 50 years or longer. Glass takes 1 million years to dissolve and plastic, our most often used material, will never truly dissolve by mother nature.

What Can We Do?

By voting for sustainability with our money by purchasing items that are biodegradable or re-usable we cancel out only some of the damage being caused on a regular basis. Luckily, businesses and people are catching onto the concept of restoring and protecting our resources, if not for our planet and future generations, for the popularity of our business and for stroking our egos. If you can’t purchase an item that is biodegradable or photodegradable, you can at least make an effort to recycle or reuse the items you do purchase. Thrift and recycled fashions, up-cycled home furniture and decor, and having a personal purpose or mission are all popular concepts on the rise. Be a star, and care for the environment, your home.

Your Sustainability Checklist

  • Purchase products with biodegradable packaging, second hand fashion and home decor, and the greenest products whenever possible

  • Learn how to organize your recycling for at home pick-up or find out where your nearest recycling facility is and what they recycle for future reference

  • Educate your children on the lifestyle changes you’re making to provide them a better earth for them and their children in the future

Even if you don’t experience regular clogs in bathrooms and kitchen drains, a good drain cleaner used monthly can maintain the integrity of pipes and reduce any odors being caused by rotting material. Using a green drain cleaner such as the one being used in this article as an example, is safe for your pets, children, and family to be near and protects your pipes from chemical corrosion. You’re also making a responsible choice for the environment, and supporting more ethical, responsible companies so that they can continue to pioneer better products for our future. Check out the reasons to go drain cleaner green below.


The most important reason to go greener with your drain cleaner is because traditional drain cleaners can contain a lot of toxic ingredients that can harm pets, children, and other residents. Not only this, but the chemicals we’ve been putting down drains for years is very harmful to the pipes, corroding them away over time and then releasing the chemicals outside the home can harm the environment as well. Bluebio Drain Cleaner does not contain lye, poison, perfume, solvents or harmful chemicals. Instead, it’s made of hungry live cultures that feed on the material that causes drain blockage. It’s safe for clogs, regular maintenance, garbage disposals, and RV tanks. The only thing that may hinder its full potential is a large amount of hair, which should first be minimized with a drain snake, wire hanger, or professional.

Lasts 4 Months

Using 2 ounces of product per month per drain for maintenance will make your bottle of Bluebio Drain Cleaner last as long as 4 months. If you want to do the calculation yourself, the bottle of Bluebio is 64 ounces and 2 ounces is suggested to be put down each drain in the home monthly. 4 month use was calculated based on the average home containing 8 drains total. In addition, if the bottle is sealed as it’s supposed to be and kept at room temperature it can last several years.

Acts Fast

The cultures within Bluebio Drain Cleaner are very hungry. Each unit eats its weight every 60 seconds and the cultures themselves double every 30 minutes!

Eliminates Odors and Maintains Clear Drains

The materials that cause odors in garbage disposals and drains are the materials the live cultures inside Bluebio eat quickly, so the stench will disappear as they are eaten. For best results, use Bluebio Drain Cleaner regularly and you won’t have the smells return. As mentioned previously, large amounts of hair in a clog can pose a problem to the process. The product is still a great one to use in showers and hair care facilities. You can first remove as much hair as possible from the drain, allow the product longer to produce results, and use it more regularly to prevent build up in the future.

Poisoning is among the top ten most common accidents among children. Every day 2 children die of poisoning and 300 are admitted to the emergency department for related incidents. Items you might not otherwise think as poisonous are popular causes, along with not properly child proofing the home and supervising children as closely as they need to be. Take these 5 precautions and share with the parents you care about to protect the small children you know from this potential harm.

Baby proof your home

Although there is no replacement for proper supervision, cabinet locking products are among the best measures you can take to prevent children from getting into the dangerous products in your home. It only takes seconds to minutes for a child to find new things to explore. It’s in their DNA to find and put things in their mouth upon discovery. Not only are cleaning chemicals a risk, but plants, cosmetics, and coins. There has been a rise in consumption of dishwasher and clothing detergents since they’ve been made into pods that look like candy to a child. The most popular choking hazard is coins. Baby-proofing droors, especially bedside and junk droors, is also a great idea. Find the baby proof section at your local Target or Toys ‘R’ Us branch. To really determine what you need and how you can re-arrange your home, consider crawling on the floor at the level your baby or child would. This will allow you to see what they see, and what they have the potential to get into!

Have emergency contact information readily available

You will have a babysitter eventually, and anyone who watches your child should have access to a list of contacts on the fridge. First your phone numbers, other emergency contact people, and finally the national Poison Control Center phone number which is 1-800-222-1222. Other numbers you might include are the non-emergency police phone number, the fire department, the nearest emergency room, your regular doctor’s office, and of course, 9-1-1. There are magnets made specifically for keeping these numbers securely to your fridge. Be sure to remind your sitter any information you want them to know and where they can find the things they’ll need.

Know where the nearest emergency room is

In case of an urgent situation without anytime permitting to call a professional, you’ll want to head straight to the nearest emergency room. It’s great to have the address programmed to your phone, GPS, or on your refrigerator with your emergency contact information, but it’s even better to have driven there yourself and know how to get their by memory as well.

Know the symptoms of poisoning

You may not know that your child has gotten a hold of a medication and you should know the signs of poisoning so that you can catch it after it’s happened even though you didn’t see it. Symptoms include:

-Difficulty breathing

-Blurred vision




-Loss of muscle control


-Fever and more

If you notice anything out of the ordinary, call poison control to confirm what you are noticing and be walked through the process of evaluating the situation. Always try your best to remain calm. Deep breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth can calm your heart and override the panic you can feel from the stress hormone, Cortisol.

Greenify the home further

If at all possible, having the greenest home possible can lessen the chances your child would be harmed by the products kept in your home. There are ways to make your own cleaning products, or you can buy them from the store. More than looking for the terms “Green”, “Non-toxic”, and “Natural”, read the ingredients yourself to determine the contents are safe.

Drain Cleaner that is Natural

Are You Looking for An All Natural Drain Cleaner?

Most drains normally get clogged from time to time. You will realize that these drains usually get clogged with either grunge, food particles, waste matter and so on. This can be detrimental. These wastes can interfere with the smooth flow of dirty water in your home. It is up to you to decide if you would care to try the natural drain cleaners and help in preserving the environment. This can be manufactured by drain cleaner industries or even homemade drain cleaners. Natural drain cleaners are normally manufactured without using any artificial agents. In this case, active microscopic agents are utilized in making them.

All Natural Drain CleanerBlueBio is a Completely All Natural Drain Cleaner

Are you looking for a safe and effective drain cleaner? We have the ultimate solution for you. BlueBio drainer cleaner can help you a great deal. It can greatly help you to clean your clogged pipes. It can clean those pipes to ensure that waste flows smoothly. There are many reasons why you need to get this natural drain cleaner:

1. Consist of cultured bacteria

You will realize that BlueBio contains cultured bacteria. These bacteria act by feeding on the material clogging the pipes and as a result break down the accumulated solids. This means that there will be a smooth flow in the pipes.

2. It is not toxic.

You will realize that normal drain cleaning products often include toxic ingredients such as ammonia, methyl chloride, acids and so on. These ingredients are not eco-friendly. This is the reason why you need to consider BlueBio drain cleaner for cleaning your pipes. This product is eco-friendly and therefore is harmless for the environment.

3. It is biodegradable

Normal drain cleaners are not biodegradable. You will realize that these cleaners normally have chemicals that make them not to be biodegradable. However, BlueBio drain cleaner is biodegradable. It can easily break down easily and cannot harm our water and soil system.

4. Does not cause allergies.

Some drain cleaners normally cause allergies to their users. This can be detrimental to your health. Such products can actually irritate the skin and the respiratory tract. However, BlueBio does not cause allergies. You can readily use it anytime.

5. Ease of use.

This is the other benefit of this drain cleaner. You do not require any kind of mixing or messing that often happens with the normal ones. This is the other reason why you need to buy this product today.

BlueBio is very effective when to comes to cleaning your clogged pipes. It can actually help in removing the accumulated organic matter including fats, grease and so on. You will realize that as the break down continues, liquids flowing through the pipes normally wash away the debris thereby leaving the pipes clean to use.

Most homeowners have bought this product and have enjoyed the results. It is advisable that you look for a product that is eco-friendly so that it can preserve the environment. BlueBio is a one of those products that you should choose. You have a responsibility over your home. Buy this product today and you will not regret.

Why Using Drano on Your Septic Tank Might Be Unsafe

Homeowners usually use different chemicals to clear clogged toilets and sink systems. But for those who have septic tanks at home, there are concerns on whether or not certain methods of unclogging can interfere with the bacteria. While a larger percentage of septic tank owners are reported to use Drano for clearing clogs, others consider soap, vinegar and chemical decloggers which they claim are less caustic.

How Drano Can Affect Septic Tank Operation

Based on Drano’s labeling and website, the product is safe to be used in the septic tank systems, something that a number of experts disagree. However, environmental engineers say the chemical is not recommended for home septic systems. A typical septic tank system relies on certain bacteria and microorganisms to help in decomposing organic components found in waste water. Use of harsh chemicals like Drano and Liquid PlumR can kill the microorganisms or interfere with the effectiveness of the system.

What Viable Alternative Can be Used To Unclog Septic System?

One of the most recommended alternative products by experts is BlueBio drain cleaner. This all-natural product comes with no harmful chemicals and gases, which makes it safe for use in home septic tanks. It also guarantees clearance of all clogged drainage systems, which ensures clean pipes and unhindered flow.

How BlueBio Drain cleaner works

Unlike other commercial drain cleaning products that use chemicals to unclog pipes, BlueBio consists of cultured bacteria that will clear the clogs naturally. The bacteria work by feeding on the material clogging the system and helps break down all the accumulated solids. Whether the clogging is caused by accumulation of fats, grease, proteins or any other organic material, BlueBio will provide the most effective solution. The product also helps digest the waste in septic tank after which it’s released into the leach fields as water in the ground.

Which Kind Of Drainage System Can BlueBio Be Applied?

In most cases, clogs happen in toilets, bathrooms and kitchen sinks because of the kind of materials exposed to the system. Grease and oil are some of common materials that cause clogging of these systems.

BlueBio drain cleaner is also very effective when dealing with the following:

  • Septic tanks
  • Kitchen drainage
  • Sewerage conduits


Taking certain preventive measures can eliminate the need to unclog the drainage but when clogging happens; BlueBio can be the best solution to go for. The product is not only safe for use at home but it’s also environmentally friendly, works immediately and keeps the drains flowing freely. There’s no premixing required; all you need to do is pour the cleaner and you’re good to go. It eliminates any emergency stoppage calls, something that ensures your drains clean and free from any buildup.

Did you know that there over 60 million people in the U.S. that use a septic tank systems for their drainage system (that’s 1 in 5 of us!). The biter truth is that the problems of having these drainage septic tank is almost doubling every single day. So its a good idea to keep them maintained properly to avoid unnecessary problems.

What needs to be done?

Here is the ultimate guide to keeping a septic tank smart and the use of BlueBio Drainage cleaner.

Continuous inspection

Continuously inspecting your septic tank to remove possible solid matter will save you a ton of problems associated with septic tank blockage. Failure to do so will result in clogging and production of an unpleasant stench.

What type of material do you dispose of off to the septic tank?

You have to be extremely careful when it comes deciding what to be flushed down the drains to the septic tank. Some materials such as rubber, polythene papers and some solvents do not decompose off easily, and as such, they will develop layers that will stop the smooth flow of the drains. In case such an incidence has happened, look for a profession for proper disposal guidance.

Can BlueBio help?

This is so far the safest and the best way to clean your septic tank drainage system. BlueBio contains cultured bacteria that will feed on the accumulated organic material clogged on the pipes leaving them clean. However, avoid pouring anti bacteria solvents into the septic tank as these will harm the survival of these bacteria that feed on the clogged materials.

Positioning of the septic tank

Avoid heavy loads or driving on top of your septic tank. Look for a strategic place where to put your septic tank or else you will have collapsing or sinking in even before you think of using it.

Final verdict.

Taking care of your septic tank system is simple if you follow the above-explained guidelines. Take action, put them into practice and make use of BlueBio Drain cleaner