Unless you can blame your children for putting non-flushable items down the toilet, overflowing can be so embarrassing. Imagine how bad you’d feel if it were to happen to you at someone else’s home! Here is what you need to know to handle this situation with as much dignity as possible.

Why Has This Happened?

You’re probably asking the man upstairs “Why?! Why did this happen to me?!”, but instead need to know why your toilet overflowed in the first place. The main culprit is a blockage somewhere in the pipes, either from build up of some kind or having something flushed that shouldn’t have been. This probably can be fixed easily with a toilet plunger with a lot of suction. If this relieves the problem and makes the water go down as it should, you have your perpetrator. If this is not effective or the water is slow to drain, you might have a defect in the plumbing or flow managing mechanism and need to call a plumber. If you think this may be your problem, duct tape your toilet shut with a sign to prevent further damage.

How To Clean It Up

  1. After you’ve “fixed” the toilet, if even temporarily, you will want to remove any large debris from the floor. Human waste and toilet paper can be re-flushed a little amount at a time and any items damaged by contact can be thrown in the garbage or bucket for sanitation.

  1. The excess water needs to be drained from the area. This can be done manually using towels or if flooded enough, might require a pump of some kind.

  1. Sanitizing the cupboards, floor, bathtub wall, base of toilet and any other point of contact can be done with clean, warm or hot water and a little bit of low sud detergent. Bleach is also an option for sanitation for the surfaces, as well as the items that you may have put aside for washing. Please look up proper recommendations, read your bleaching product’s label, and be sure to know which surfaces will benefit or be damaged by the use of bleach before using.

Knowing what to do in this situation will make it easier for the owner, their guest or children, and any plumber that may need to come and assess the situation. Share this article with a home or business owner you care about today and save them the stress as well.