Most households experience the frustration of a clog or slow draining sink. The first product many people grab is a can of Drano. However, this simple “fix” can cause more problems than it solves. In fact, you shouldn’t even bring this dangerous product into your home.

Why is Drano Dangerous?

There are two main types of over the counter drain cleaners – acidic cleaners and caustic base cleaners which use lye or bleach to dissolve a clog. Drano is a caustic base cleaner. The industrial strength ingredients in Drano are designed to dissolve organic waste materials. However, people, plants and animals are also organic. By it’s very nature, Drano is designed to cause damage to not only clogs but also any organic material it comes in contact with. Drano can cause serious injury even in small amounts or small concentrations.

Dangerous to Children and Pets

Drano comes with a serious warning label to keep the product out of the reach of children and away from pets. The problem is that the nature of children is to play and explore by touching and putting new things in their mouth. Children can’t read the warning label if they stumble across a dangerous product. In addition, spaying or pouring a caustic material leaves traces where animals walk and can track it all over the house. Pets can ingest this poison when trying to clean it off themselves. The best way to keep children and pets safe is to not bring a dangerous poison into your home at all.

Dangerous to You

If Drano comes in contact with other household cleaners, it can cause toxic fumes and deadly gases. If the user accidentally splashes Drano on their skin or in their eyes, it can cause severe burns. If Drano is allowed to sit in water for any period of time, such as a toilet bowl, the ingredients heat up and could either crack the porcelain bowl or even cause an explosion.

Dangerous to the Pipes

Drano can scratch and damage sinks and tubs, but the real damage happens where you can’t see it. Even Drano can not dissolve every clog. When the product builds up and just sit in the pipes, it will eat through plastic pipes quickly. With repeated use, even metal pipes will be corroded over time. Instead of a simple clog, repeated use of Drano can lead to replacing the entire plumbing system.

Dangerous to the Environment

Drano uses environmentally unsafe ingredients. The high levels of toxins in Drano are carried out into the environment though the sewage system. Here these toxins travel in streams and rivers and eventually into the oceans, affecting wildlife and plants every step of the way. These toxins can even affect food and water supplies once they are released into the open.

Alternatives to Drano

There are safer, more effective solutions to clogged drains that don’t involve bringing a dangerous product such as Drano into your home. The best solution is to prevent clogs in the first place with a natural product that does not damage your pipes, like BlueBio Drain Cleaner. No one should expose their home and family to the dangers of Drano without knowing all the facts.