When the average consumer has a drain stoppage they do what they have seen on tv and purchases the popular product, Drano or Liquid Plumr. Even though you may believe that Drano and Liquid Plumr can be the best solutions for any drain clog problem in your house, many plumbers don’t agree. These kind of chemical products can actually cause many problems in your plumbing systems.

The Dangers of Drano & Liquid Plumr

Certain chemicals, like Drano & Liquid Plumr, are very oxidic chemicals, and it’s better not to use them in order unclog your toilet bowl. Keep in mind that any chemical you put into your toilet bowl is going to stay there for at least some hours, since the bowl fills with water and is slow to drain without flushing. So, all the chemicals can very easily find the perfect place to settle onto the porcelain. According to plumbers these chemicals can continue to generate heat, while standing in the bowl. So, it’s best to try not to use any kind of toxic chemicals that exist in the market today, in order to unclog your problematic plumbing system. Remember also that your toilet has a large wax ring and the liquid can eat away. Which means that every time you have to flush, half of the water will run down the pipe and the other half of the water will leak out from the base of your toilet across the floor in your bathroom with the dangerous chemicals.

Liquid Chemical Drain Cleaners can Cause Various Problems

Some drain cleaners, like Drano or Liquid Plumr, are not safe products to use for uncloging your plumbing systems. Yes, they might take out dead organic waste and get rid of the blockage in your drain. But, according to plumbers, these kind of toxic cleaners may cause a number of problems. For example, the chemicals of these liquid agents can very easily eat away and quickly soften the plastic (PVC) pipes or eat away at the cast iron pipes and damage all the drain pipes in your home.

Especially if you use them regularly, they can actually cause a number of corrosions in your home plumbing systems.

Alternatives that are not Dangerous or Destructive

If the problem is caused by FOG (fat, oil, & grease) to fix the problem right with a liquid drain cleaner, you need BlueBio Drain Cleaner. How does it work? When you pour it down the drain, you already begin an exciting process.

Step 1: First, BlueBio Drain Cleaner’s bacteria begins to break down the organic solids. Then, the bacteria start eating the organic waste. Because it isn’t restricted by gravity unlike the liquid drain openers, the bacteria clean all around the entire inside of the pipe, up and down.

Step 2: The bacteria actually eat the broken down grease, hair and other organic materials. As the bacteria feed, they grow and multiply. Under ideal conditions, they’ll double in number every 25-30 minutes. They break down the waste and run it harmlessly out of your system.

Step 3: While liquid openers only poke a hole through the stoppage, BlueBio Drain Cleaner actually digest the waste in your pipes, thoroughly cleaning your entire system. In fact, liquid openers become weaker the farther down the pipe they go. BlueBio Drain Cleaner’s unique mixture actually gets stronger as it works its way through the system.

BlueBio Drain Cleaner gets the job done right with no more hassles and no more worries!

When You Need Professional Help

So, if the problem is caused by a large object it’s better to call for professional help, in order to have the best results possible and not cause further problems.

Of course, it’s better to try to avoid using toxic chemicals in order to clean your plumbing systems in your home. The best solution, though, is to call a reliable plumbing company, that can do a professional and well organized job.

Article Credits: ER Plumbing & Heating